Implementation of the Open Payment

Durée : 2022 - 2023


Implementation of an Open Payment solution (use of one's contactless smart card for transport purposes) on the Tisseo network. 


  • Accompany the entity in the operational piloting of the project.
  • Integration of the solution in the existing ticketing solution; the objective being to mutualise a maximum amount of components so as to avoid too much equipment/specific OpenPayment systems (mutualisation of gates, terminal controls, carpark terminals, user accounts etc.).
  • Preparation of the service launch

Main activities

Project Management

  • Participation in the steering committee
  • Coordination of the planning for the different suppliers
  • Workshops
  • Validation of the system  specifications and the interface contracts
  • Validation of the delivery reports
  • General receipt of the solution
  • Follow-up of the performance and load tests 
  • Follow-up of the deployment