A MEDIUM-SIZED Company driven by motivation

A high level of technical expertise and a strong commitment towards our clients is what characterizes the Monetech team, with a special way of working: neither hierarchical nor internally competitive.

Clients have their dedicated point of entry and access to the complete range of expertise within the company, thanks to our tranversal way of working, as a team and on a human scale.

A 100% independently-run company. Our sole objective is the success of the projects we lead.

Monetech is the company where I've enjoyed working the most: a true team spirit, advantages (flexible teletravail, bonus, additional days off , lunch vouchers), a good management team and last but not least, great projects. I'm proud to be part of the team!.


Experts of the smart card technology, contactless payments and NFC, Monetech's founding associates have devoted themselves since 2007 to continously developing the technical skills of their consultants by cultivating a strong team spirit and a sense of customer service.


    Henry CASTELLAN, Managing Director and Co-Founder

    I always dreamed of working for a company like Monetech, but it didn't exist. Our philosophy: to enjoy working together, in the same team, for the same client. To flourish in motivating projects, that bring out the strengths in each one of us.

  • Evelyne BABEL

    Evelyne BABEL, Co-Founder

    The collaboration between the three of us, began in a crazy start-up mode at Gemplus! We still work directly with our clients on very innovative services, with sometimes the luxury of being able to choose ethical topics and being able to spend time on the work we do.

  • Mathieu AMIEL

    Mathieu AMIEL, Associate Consultant

    I joined Gemplus for its high degree of technical skills, with its researchers and engineers, and its idyllic work environment. Today Monetech represents all of that, with in addition, for those who want it, the possibility of participating in the company's strategic decisions.



    The search for solutions beyond the problems

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    A solid pillar of our company, ingenuity drives our capacity to find creative and efficient solutions, by using our expertise and savoir-faire. Thanks to our diverse profiles, we can find a quick, practical solution to the inevitable uncertainties of your project.


    Priority to concrete implementation

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    Followers of the step-by-step approach, we ensure your project is staggered with concrete steps, such as POC, models and prototypes to validate the solution and that we bring stakeholders together around tangible elements.


    The secret of our success

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    Great care is given to maintaining a high level of excellence of our consultants as well as to the quality of our deliverables. We ensure that each aspect of our work is carried out meticulously, which reinforces the trust of our clients.


    Our client's interest above all

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    We commit to act with honesty, transparency and respect towards our clients. Their satisfaction and success are at the centre of our concern, and we act daily to respond to their needs and to surpass their expectations.


    Long live MoneTEAM !

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    We enjoy working together, in an atmosphere of trust and solidarity. Conscious that it favors creativity, motivation and innovation, a positive mood is the heart of our DNA and we voluntarily share it with our clients.