Redesign of Toulouse Metropole internet sites


Restructure the methodology of the internet sites of  Toulouse Metropole and rework the sites using a new format.


Accompany the global transformation of the management of the internet sites of Toulouse Metropole. Initially, each site of the metropole had its own development mode that was linked to different professions. The transformation enabled the consolidation of the different sites and to acquire the necessary tools to facitilate the development of sites. 

From a functional point of view, a co-construction phase was conducted with the users and agents of different professions in order to gather the requirements for the new site. 

The ransformation was therefore technological, functional and organizational.

Main activities

Service design

  • Functional and technical study
  • Co-construction workshops
  • Framing of the solution

Consultation and bid tenders

  • Market strategy study
  • Drafting of specifications and preparation of tender documents (DCE)
  • Analysis of tenders